Welcome to the Anthropocene

Globaïa (Canada)

Galata Greek Primary School


“The Anthropocene. We’re already there. This is our time, our creation, our challenge. Officially, this epoch does not exist… Unofficially however, the term is used frequently in scientific literature and, more recently, in publications intended for the general public… But the concept itself, the idea that human activity affects the Earth to the point where it can cross into a new age, is not new and dates back to the late nineteenth century… The Earth of the 21st century is warming, overcrowded, partly deforested, and more toxic and interconnected than ever. The comforting envelope of the Holocene, which has fostered the birth of civilizations, is now punctured. We collectively rolled over into a new era, which includes its risks and challenges, but also its opportunities and great qualities.” –FPD, OG


Welcome to the Anthropocene is an animation film produced by Quebec-based non-profit organization Globaïa. Built around a night-view 3D model of the globe, the three-minute video illustrates how the human species has had an exponentially increasing impact on the planet since the Industrial Revolution initiated 250 years ago. In this new epoch dominated by human design, the intended and unintended interventions on Earth have grown into a global force equivalent to any major geological process.