The Designer Designed by the Humans

estudioHerreros (Spain)

Studio-X Istanbul

“There was a time when human designers focused their activity on the kind of creative task that consisted of developing arguments with which to integrate their work into their present time and give shape to their ideas, eventually to be transferred to the universe of physical objects. In those days, parallel skills were regarded as a useful complement to achieving success, though never decisive to design itself… At the turn of the 20th and 21st centuries, a figure emerged who… transformed everything they did into design action… The transformation that took place in the figure of the designer, the fruit of that diversity of ingredients that contributed to constructing his practice, generated a set of roles — types of designers — that we want to explore here.” –JH


The Designer Designed by the Humans proposes that the contemporary figure of the designer has been redesigned to develop new skills and engage in dialogues with experts, citizens, politicians or clients. By examining different aspects of the design and production process, this multi-screen video installation presents five types of “designers”: the designer of prototypes, the designer as political negotiator, the designer by e-mail, the designer as consultants’ coordinator, and the designer of parts of a whole.