Spidernauts… Dark webs…

Tomás Saraceno (Argentina)

Galata Greek Primary School

“Forty thousand tons of cosmic dust reach the Earth yearly… A cube of… black matter… dark energy… cosmic web… Look inside that space dust… Space is mostly space but is it not empty… Besides breathing arachnids the Milky Way in the night sky we see is dust! … Our sun, planets, moon, asteroids and comets, everything in our solar system began as a cloud of dust 5 billion years ago… Dust mites are microscopic arachnids that feed on dead human skin cells, they are house dust, and live wherever humans live… They float in the air all the time, staying up between 20 and 60 minutes at a time. We have arachnids floating in the air, together with particles of cosmic dust and what else, all the time… Cosmic dust deposited on hybrid arachnid webs… Intricate filaments… Dark matter clusters.” –TS


Tomás Saraceno’s Spidernauts… Dark webs… consists of two elements: a suspended carbon fiber frame containing a blackened web collaboratively constructed by a series of spiders of different species building on each other’s designs for several weeks; and a drawing considering the possibility that spiders, the constant unseen companions of the human in the corners of our spaces, launching themselves into the air, and even being found high in the atmosphere, might also be cosmic astronauts.