Milano Animal City

Stefano Boeri (Italy)

Studio-X Istanbul

“How would the spaces of the city where we live look if viewed by a bat, a rat, a canary? And what does their gaze add to the way we understand the places of our daily lives?… A non-anthropised and ethical approach starts here, and while it is still interested in the survival of mankind, it places this desire within a wider scenario of limits and possibilities… Humanity is no longer alone on the pedestal of life… Urban planning of the future, therefore, should not focus so much on imagining the forms that would arise from a complete lack of control by the Homo sapiens sapiens… Urban planning of the future should rather be concerned with creating the conditions for the coexistence of different plant and animal species in the urban context.” –SB, AM


Milano Animal City urges visitors to look at the city through the eyes of other species. The centrepiece of the exhibit, a series of 2,000 backlit slides accompanied by animal sounds, present urban realities as experienced by non-humans. Milano Animal City argues for a “non-anthropocentric city” as a model for shaping the urban environments of the future; a city based on a new understanding of inclusivity that puts renaturalization and biodiversity at the center of its design.