Marshmallow Laser Feast, Analog, FBFX, Duologue (United Kingdom)

Galata Greek Primary School

“A 3D study of mortality exploring new photographic processes, in this case photogrammetry, this project is the beginning of a deeper study into filmmaking for the virtual reality environment… We worked with FBFX and their amazing 94-camera high resolution-scanning rig to create a full body scan of the model Beryl Nesbitt. The scans then went to MLF’s long-term VFX collaborators Analog, where they snatched a magical moment of the sunset… [that] illuminated Beryl’s scanned form. We wanted to go beyond the limits of the audience’s eyeballs, using 3D to reveal different perspectives on the human form. Obviously, the eyes are extremely important in making a 3d person look realistic, so Analog built their own layered eyes and tear ducts. Another thing they added was subtle hairs on the body.” –MJ


Memex is a music video for British band Duologue developed by UK-based studios Marshmallow Laser Feast, Analog, and FBFX. The protagonist of the video, an elderly female figure, appears only as a dramatically lit rendering of a 3D-scanned, physical body. Revolving close-ups, sweeping shots and “fly-overs” of the digital model evoke a feeling of estrangement. Instead of a close observation of the intimate body, the folds and creases of the wrinkled skin resemble vast landscapes.