Lectures from Improvisation Technologies

William Forsythe (Germany, USA)

Galata Greek Primary School


“I can establish a line by making a crumbling gesture. I can establish a line on the floor with little hops like these steps or by rubbing it into the floor. I can establish by wiping it into the air. I can establish a point by stepping it between two things. I can establish a line by making little, tiny dots. Or between two other points. I could probably smear it, slide it, tap it, swat it, kick it. A line or point is there in space and how you establish or how you manifest it is really up to you… You have to use the surface of your body and your imagination, about how lines could form and how you can manifest these things with your body…” –WF

William Forsythe’s Lectures from Improvisation Technologies is series of video segments with the artist performing in a plain black room, explaining the effect of his movements. Before being publicly presented, these segments were originally produced by the artist as a training aid on improvisation for the dancers of his company. Forsythe imagines the body as an inscription device that “writes” in space, with the sweeping motions of joins and limbs continuously drafting invisible geometrical drawings.

The development and international exhibition of Choreographic Objects by William Forsythe is made possible with the generous support of Susanne Klatten.