Ines-table (Uns-table)

Enric Miralles (Spain) & Benedetta Tagliabue (Italy)

Galata Greek Primary School


“This table, drawn by Enric Miralles in 1993, was very significant to the author… He considered it a sort of representation of himself, a sort of self-portrait in a piece of furniture… He came to realize that he probably drew it unconsciously, following the lines of his own head… It is very linked to the obsession of the author that all the external architecture he can produce in fact magically comes from his brain, from a small place inside his head… It is also linked to Klecksography, or the art of making images from inkblots, and its application in the Rorschach test as a tool to study the subconscious… Enric died of a brain tumor seven years after he designed the table.” –BT


Ines-table (Uns-table) presents a series of notes and drawings by the late Spanish architect Enric Miralles for a table he designed for an exhibition in 1993. A 1:10 model constructed specifically for Are We Human? is also part of the exhibit. In Miralles’ own words, Ines-table was “an instrument of work that is at the same time an instrument of reflection,” a “labyrinthine” apparatus “to envelop yourself around yourself… like a kind of survival kit.”