Fictional Humanisms: A Critical Reportage

Marco Brizzi & Davide Rapp (Italy)

Studio-X Istanbul


“Human presence in architectural imagery has continuously changed. Diverse representational needs moved architects to include figures in their projects. Not only have architectural ideas changed over time, causing variable humanities to be incorporated; the ideology of humanity has evolved at the same time, influenced by geographical and cultural conditions… In a kind of limbo, these people act out a fiction and generate a context. Sometimes they help explain the architectural project, other times they seem to question the spectator about it… Where architectural design expresses spatial conditions, economic opportunities and symbolic values and tends to define possible uses, people in architectural short films witness other possibilities and make the vision more vivid… These beings, only apparently stolen from other realities, in the end are just us.” –MB, DR


Fictional Humanisms: A Critical Reportage enables visitors of the biennial to encounter the “residents” of a series of architectural short films. This mixed-media installation consists of a video and a series of life-sized, cutout figures dispersed throughout the exhibition. Fictional Humanisms proposes that meeting these virtual characters “in person” does not only contextualize the architectural projects they inhabit. It also allows us to get closer to personal behavior and stories of this imaginary, architectural humanity.