Curatorial Team
Galata Greek Primary School

“On September 7, 2014 a group of healthcare workers in protective suits were caring for infected adults, children and bodies in a high-risk courtyard area for Ebola victims within the Elwa hospital run by Médecins Sans Frontières in Monrovia, the capital of Liberia. They were photographed from behind a minimal red plastic fence by Dominique Faget… The yellow suits, white masks, and green gloves became emblematic of an expanding crisis that was being responded far too slowly… The Ebola suit – overalls, apron, scrubs, double gloves, boots, respirator, hood, medical mask, surgical cap, goggles – seals the body off from the world… The healthcare worker is hidden inside this portable architecture made of plastic and rubber… The global response was more about saving non-Africans than Africans, or about saving Africans to save non-Africans. The Ebola suit became a geopolitical barrier, a frontier for a disease and an economy that knows no frontier.” –B+M


Ebola is a curatorial installation based on a photograph taken by Dominque Faget at the Elwa hospital in Liberia in 2014. The personal protective equipment against the Ebola virus is a prophylactic skin that leaves nothing exposed. Positioned in an outdoor courtyard space adjacent to the gallery, the reconstructed scene removes distance and puts the visitor in the same position as the photographer, just outside the threat, facing the suits that were worn for us, our suits.