Superhumanity, e-flux Architecture



May 2016

“Dear reader,

We consider the question of design to be urgent. It calls for intense analysis, debate, and speculation from a diversity of viewpoints… we could say that design constructs the project of life, understood as a political act. So today, when the field of design has radically expanded… we should ask what sort of life design leads us to live? … Concepts of self-design are ubiquitous in the contemporary media-scape and play a structural role in many pervasive social and economic systems. But for us, the notion is also a provocation. In a wider project based on the thought that to recognize ourselves as human might be the strangest act of all, we want to challenge any and all assumptions about both ‘self’ and ‘design’.”



The SUPERHUMANITY project is a collaboration with e-flux curated by Nikolaus Hirsch, Anton Vidokle, Beatriz Colomina and Mark Wigley that commissioned over 50 writers to address the question of “Self-Design” in 2000 word essays that are posted online every 2 days and a posted on a forest of columns in the biennial itself as they appear. The postings began before the biennial and will continue afterwards in the attempt to generate a genuinely international and interdisciplinary conversation about design.