Design in 2 Seconds

Alt Art Space
Chi-Chia Hou, Jarrett D. Ley, Mercedes Peralta, Wei Wei Zhang. Display: Andres Jaque and the Office for Political Innovation

“Perhaps the most important transformation in the social, cultural and economic life of the twenty-first century has been the arrival of social media… Through its multiple channels we not only communicate and collaborate with wider and wider groups, but we refashion ourselves. Images, videos, texts, emojis, stickers, tweets, gifs, memes, comments, posts and reposts are deployed to construct a very precise image — a perfected self, perhaps the image of whom we would like to be, that becomes real online… An array of constantly evolving algorithms… monitor every gesture we make and continuously rebuild intricate statistical images of each one of us… Self-design turns out to be an uncanny encounter between what we offer and the image of ourselves that we are offered on our little screens. The algorithm shows us what it thinks we really want to see, as if in a strange kind of mirror that has become the new space of design.” – BC, MW


Design in 2 Seconds is an immersive, multi-screen environment that explores social media as the ultimate space for design, a space where design happens at high speed by an unprecedented number of people. This project is presented as a sequence of five animated chapters that completely envelop the viewer: Avatar, Anonymous, Language, Algorithm, and Profiling. Introduced only in 2000, social media represents a complete transformation of the way we live, with huge implications for architecture and design. Social media is not simply about what occurs in digital space. It also redefines and restructures physical space, the space of our homes and cities. Social media is a new form of urbanization, the architecture of how we live together. Design in 2 Seconds is one of the six curatorial interventions developed by the Curatorial Team with a joint team of students from Columbia and Princeton Universities during the summer of 2016.