Design Has Gone Viral

Galata Greek Primary School
Nazli Ercan, Mercedes Peralta, Iara Pimenta, Gizem Sivri, Wei Wei Zhang. Display: Andres Jaque and the Office for Political Innovation


“The word ‘design’ is everywhere. It pops up in every situation. It knows no limit. We are ambushed by wave upon wave of ‘design’ biennials, weeks, fairs, festivals, neighborhoods, capitals, stores, magazines, books, websites, blogs, awards, programs, schools, centers, departments, museums, exhibitions, associations, councils, committees, and congresses. Along with ‘designer’ hotels, drugs, bodies, and food you can have ‘happiness by design,’ ‘diplomacy by design,’ ‘social impact design,’ or ‘design for social justice.’ A new wave of ‘designers’ shape ‘experience,’ ‘interfaces,’ ‘software,’ ‘brand,’ and ‘interaction.’ New university programs are devoted to ‘biological design’ and ‘social innovation design.’ ‘Design thinking’ has become a dominant business model affecting everything from politics to education, to personal relationships, research, communication, and philanthropy… Design has become dangerously successful.” –B+M


Design has Gone Viral is a six-screen video installation that exposes the omnipresence of the word ‘design’ in the contemporary world: from book covers and street signs, to online advertisements and virtual world games. Design has Gone Viral is one of the six curatorial interventions developed by the Curatorial Team of the 3rd Istanbul Design Biennial with a joint team of students from Columbia and Princeton Universities during the summer of 2016.