Art Fiction

François Dallegret (Canada)

Galata Greek Primary School

“The medium that the artist of the future uses to create his environment is electric emanations, which he learns how to organize and send from both human teachers and teaching machines. These emanations can be received by anyone who tunes in and… in this future everyone will understand the artist’s intention… The artist of the future wears a Cosmic-Opera suit, which is ‘a working outfit for creation, a sort of portable factory’ with ‘electropuncture armor’ that greatly enlarges the mental and physical powers of the wearer through its facial interface and quills for emission and reception… The artist beams electric environments at art appreciators who collect art by collecting the waves and the overlapping network of sending and receiving art produces a new kind of ‘organic-electrical architecture’ of the future.” –FD


François Dallegret’s Art Fiction brings together archival material, working drawings, photographs, montages and drawing tools used in his production of the publication ‘Art Fiction’ for the March–April 1966 issue of Art in America. Asked to speculate about the future of art, Dallegret designed a technologically enhanced human as an artist who does not simply make concrete art objects but rather sends forth electric signals that produce “aesthetically stimulating atmospheres for the tuned-in collector.”