Architektur / Raum / Gesten

Antoni Muntadas (Spain)


Architektur / Raum / Gesten establishes relationships between the gesture, the decision-making room, and architecture. Is decision a characteristic of the human? Gesture is a representation of the human condition in close relation to culture and expression. This rhetorical figure can define ambition, consensus, agreement, imposition, determination, authority, power and other forms part of the political repertory. Design as decision, is a human manifestation visible in boardrooms, spaces where meetings and discussions take place. These decision-making spaces are designed with a specific furniture and technology. They also reflect a certain administration of institutional and corporate power. Architecture is a form that crystalizes many gestures and decisions, and the human condition as a whole. It is created and designed by humans, and it determines the contexts which we inhabit.” –AM

Architektur / Raum / Gesten by Spanish artist Antoni Muntadas is a series of triptychs that juxtapose seemingly disconnected images of a single hand gesture, the interior of a decision-making room and the exterior of an urban building. Moving across the array of 10 triptychs, the images no longer appear disconnected. The viewer is asked to think about the interrelationships between gestures, decisions and buildings that construct the social, political and urban tissue.