Panel: Designing the Planet: Mars / Is This Mankind’s Biggest Adventure or Beyond Limits?

Galata Greek Primary School

16 November, 17:00-19:00

Moderator: Emin Çapa
Speakers: Fuat Korhan Yelkenci (Istanbul University, Astronomy and Space Sciences), Bülent Somay (Bilgi University, Cultural Studies).

If it is our job as humans to domesticate Mars, it means we will bring our weaknesses and imperfections along with us. Is it possible to design a planet by drawing lessons from these? How does a planet designed? What is the ethical/moral responsibility behind “conquering” another planet? We have not designed the Earth, but how have we transformed it? Does moving to another planet remove our responsbility towards the Earth? Is the universe ours? Can humans ever be the ruler of the universe? Does universe care about humans?