Overdose in Design

ITU Taşkışla Faculty of Architecture
Trakya University, Faculty of Architecture, Department of Architecture

In the scope of the Academy Program of 3rd Istanbul Design Biennial; architecture students from Trakya University are investigating the interaction between design and human based on the main theme of the biennial: “Are we human?:
The Design of the Species”.

We are there and we design. As we design, what we have changed, how we changed and what to transform into? Almost a call of a fight as a word “design” but “any dose”? If there is, who does determine the limits? Is it the same for everybody in every time or else? We could say what we design, built or even what we destroy may constitute our mankind like intertwine layers. On the other hand; in cities, settlements, living areas and society, is it from our enthusiasms for uniqueness among the others? Is still not known. Ignorance, forgetfulness, insensitiveness of a mankind has gone to overdose.

With one-day workshops conducted in architectural design studios, we have tried to visualize the things which overflow from our discussions and minds. Therefore, posters were studied via produced sentences by each student groups regarding the eight sub-themes of the biennial; the matter of overdose in design of our kind and our kind’s design is brought into question considering the past, present and future.