Istanbul Kemerburgaz University Bağcılar Campus
Istanbul Kemerburgaz University, Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences, Department of Architecture

Move[m]Body project investigates the various materializations of movement through the human body. The project uses methods of motion studies such as Etienne-Jules Marey’s chronophotography and Rudolf Laban’s Labanotation to formulate their bodily movements. They question what is left of the human body after these materializations under the scope of the main theme of the Design Biennial: “Are we Human?”

This project will approach from both formal and non-formal education perspectives by including students’ studio projects from İstanbul Kemerburgaz University Department of Architecture. The workshop, which will be held with different participants and students from other universities. While the students’ studio projects concentrate on movement concept through their bodies, the workshop will try to integrate the concepts of movement and body within the urban context.

The materialization of movement will be done through various representational models. The participants will have the chance to experience different design medium during this project.