[Micro-Sis] Designing the Urban Voids

ITU Taşkışla Faculty of Architecture
Istanbul Technical University, Faculty of Architecture, Department of Landscape Architecture

The city, as the ultimate design of the human kind, is in the process of change. Within this process, urban voids that stand out the build up areas, is either integrated into the urban setting with diverse alternative scenarios or ignored and become vacant lots. Void become a flexible area that can be adapted to the changing conditios and turn into spaces worth to re-interperet that serves a platform for the daily urban life.

Micro-sis; is defined as the small scale living medium that is surrounded by buildings and enriched with innovative design solutions as they propose strong setting when considered as whole and as a system. Landscape Design I Studio questions the current build-up trend that tend to ignore the quality of urban voids within the complex urban matrix and investigates and focuses on desing scenarios and solutions to reveal urban voids embedded in the historic neighborhoods located on the 7 Hills of İstanbul.

The void become a critical part of urban daily life as it is re-valued as functional surfaces as well as gain much more importance as a micro scale systems that responds to the catastrophic events that might be seen more frequently in the close future. The void become a garden, a habitat for other urban fauna and become an urban focus with its functional and social infrastructure.