Layered Interiors

ITU Taşkışla Faculty of Architecture
İzmir University of Economics, Faculty of Fine Arts and Design, Department of Interior Architecture and Environmental Design

This exhibition is the story of a transformation within the interior spaces of buildings in urban layered regions. It is an expression of lives in a culture that we pass with or without knowing. It is a story of how a space is formed with its environment and its contents over the years. The venue accompanying this story is Pasha Mansion Hotel (Paşa Konağı Oteli), which is in Basmane, Izmir’s old and historical center, and also Izmir’s most popular immigration region. This hotel hosts different ethnic and social groups as well as carries the fatigue of the years. The space transformed from a mansion to a hotel over time, is currently a 3rd class hotel that accommodates illegal immigrants from Africa. In this exhibition, we are willing to give the visitors a chance to witness the current identity of the hotel by bringing together the photographs of the actual interior condition of the Pasha Mansion Hotel. The aim of the exhibition is to give the chance to the visitors to read and understand how the interiors witness and describe social and urban transformation of particular city regions through time. With this exhibition, the visitors will both accompany the story of transformation, and participate a theoretical discussion with urban, social and spatial analysis by the students’ work.