In-between Pages

ITU Taşkışla Faculty of Architecture
Istanbul Technical University, Faculty of Architecture, Department of Industrial Product Design

This exhibition proposal includes a set of book-objects by which the observer sets different ways of interaction. These book objects, conceptually are based on the “Our Species is Completely Suspended in Endless Layers of Design” theme and they are designed by the undergraduate students of an elective course entitled “Visual Design” that took place at Industrial Product Design Dept., İTÜ.

The pathway to design such book-objects include the questions as follows:

– What is a book object?
– How can we object-ify a book?
– What is you interpretation of a book–object and how does it meet with theme mentioned above?
– Where does the concept of layering meet with a book object?
– In which ways do we interact with a book object?
– How do these book objects turn into the “mediums” where they become the “message” itself?