(H U M A N) Science, Skills and Know-How vs. Given

02/11/2016, 10.00-13.30

Human Versus Given (Architecture Faruk Malhan)
Human, Science, Skills and Know-How (Prof. Dr. Murat Güvenç)

Organised by: Koleksiyon & Design Foundation
The humankind should be aware that any damage inflicted on the planet by what s/he designs will surely come around him/herself; thus s/he should stop blessing him/herself as the centre of design. Sustainability of our planet is threatened by market economies. Focus of design should lean toward what belongs to all than what belongs to us. We will be experiencing the age of politics and law organised outside the anthropological centre. We need to reconsider ‘design’ encircled by the paradigm of ‘white man’s superiority’, Vitruvius., 0212 363 63 40

Koleksiyon Tarabya Campus