Find Oneself Within The One: Depth, Universe and Quest

Beykent University / ITU Taşkışla Faculty of Architecture
Hacettepe University, Fine Arts Faculty, Department of Graphic Design

The human, has been searching for oneself in the course of the humanity adventure for thousands of years. Human seeks oneself sometimes in one’s own depth, in the whirlpool of own energy; and sometimes outside of one’s realm of existence, in the mystery of the earth and universe. This process turns into an amazing research process as a biological existence until the human finds oneself/one’s missing part within “the one”, reaches significance and makes oneself complete with “the one”.

The willpower without the will of humanity, on the geographies inflicted to violent devastation nowadays, dispossesses humanity of the right to find oneself in “”there””, living a peaceful “”here”” and a long “”now””. Will the quiet existence and belongings in this life be kept only in the minds of those who remember the old times? Those lost and gone forever take along the profoundness of the quest, also the strong connections and stories of the relations of this quest. The peaceful times in which the humanity and the individual would look for oneself for own inner depth at current chaos have been vanished.

Since the ancient times, the places and the monuments have hidden everything like an open air museum; have represented clues through a mist. The best narrators of these places, creations and connections of past civilization periods were the historians Herodotus and Strabon.

Seeking oneself, the sparkles of quiet creative ideas, an image, a taste and connotations of a living’s experience seen in Eastern men of wisdom and Rumi reach out until Proust.

This case composes an archaeology not with the flunging and the distance break apart the people, but with loves, passions, connections and creative ideas cause people to become closer. The human wants to find oneself within “the one”. Where does this passionate process head towards? We participate the 3rd Istanbul Design Biennial with the subject “Are we human?”, as the young designers of Hacettepe University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Graphic looking for the answer of this question.