Body / Movement / Space

ITU Taşkışla Faculty of Architecture
İzmir University of Economics, Faculty of Fine Arts and Design, Department of Architecture

The project will be held between 27th September and 10th October as an introductory workshop to the 2nd year architectural design studio in Fall 2016. It aims to explore the movement of the human body in space and to investigate new ways to define territorial space. In the first stage, students perform a series of movements and represent them with 1:50 scale stick models each of which will not exceed 30 cm (w) X 50 cm (d) X 40 cm (h). In the second stage, the same model is reproduced as a series of planar elements using folding paper techniques to see the potential of the body’s movement in space. The 6 most interesting projects will be selected for the exhibition. The stick model will be placed on a flat base while the planar model will be installed upside down just above the other as an extension to create a mirror image of the same movement. In order to be seen from a certain distance, each mirror model should be mounted on a wall at eye level. The relationship between space and form, and the human body, will be further investigated in the design project that follows.