Article 23

ITU Taşkışla Faculty of Architecture
Istanbul Technical University, Faculty of Architecture, Department of Industrial Product Design

The human being leaves traces as if to demonstrate his existence. Aren’t the marks of lover’s names on the trees or the messages to the following users on the public toilet doors the evidences of these kind of existential embodiments?

Aren’t the identity cards and driving licences ,which include our photographies and informations, the epiphany of our proof of entity?

We sometimes “must” leave the traces of our entity/presence/participation. Just like the roll call at classroom which we have to do during all our education life.

As a composition of several images, Rule 23 is the appearance of the demonstration of existence of junior industrial design students of ITU in Basic Education Studio Project I and II. The images are student drawings which are drawn on small square shaped cards, when they attend the class. The doodles are the tools that students can express theirselves while they leave traces of their existence. We can define those doodles as the communication tools between tutors of class and students. Because those junior design candidates could explain theirselves by the “signification “ of their “doodle designs”.