Accelerat(ing) Moments

Gebze Technical University Çayırova Campus
Gebze Techical University, Faculty of Architecture, Department of Architecture

In everyday life the speed of our mobility’s in the city is supported by different means of transports is increased in accordance to the slowest of the fast one and these all different value defines the levels. At the same time this also gives clues about the arising cosmos in which percepts as a different sensual connection with the object of built environment.

Referring these object of the cosmos, in which are come together latently in order to experience the material interaction natural circumstances in build environment such as wind, sun,…, is observed out of initially standard usage of the mediums. This situation is both associated with the reality occurred out of control mechanism of the tools, and objective reality of the controlled environment. These overlapped issued conditions are made possible to sense new space and therefore it gives way for the representation as indeterminacy. As a result of these overlapped phenomena this occurrence fills meaning with the quantitative attribute of time and duration. The optimization of the given parameters of the nature and built environment are made impossible by acceleration of human perception.

The mental dynamism in phenomenological approach in a way is thought as finding its reflection on the physics over accelerated movements of human.

In this context, the overlapped conditions and thereafter opened relations make sense of the structured environment in human experiences. The scope of the workshop is representation of accelerated moments in a daily life in which the on move participants are put through different level of velocity and it is asked them to transform their senses on their notebooks.