District Talks

Sunday October 23rd, Salon IKSV

18.00-19.00: Vinyl Cover Designs, moderated by Murat Meriç

Speakers: Alican Tezer, Betül Atlı, Murat Ertel and Metin Uzelli

Album covers bear witness to all periods; they are the documents that carry over history to the present. Some associate them with music, while others see them as objects of art; yet others will consider them as packaging and discard them after the purchase. We’re coming together not for the sake of those who throw away vinyl covers and put their CD’s in cases, but for the ones who love them as a whole, those who are enamoured by covers and we are going to talk about album covers from past to present. Which phases have gone through, what did we place on vinyl/casette/CD covers in each period? How did the circumstances within the country and technological developments influence the “visual”? Accompanied by album cover designers, we will seek answers to these and such like questions.