[?]+1 L A N D

Istanbul Kültür University Ataköy Campus
Istanbul Kültür University, Faculty of Architecture, Interior Architecture and Environmental Design Department

It all started with an urge!
To catch the moment that gnaws at us, the moment we wait for to start searching…
Having my own house.
Pollan says “Is there anyone who haven’t wish for a home like this, who haven’t turn over and over with these soft words in mind until they come into being?”
How to make it a home? It has to be in a good neighborhood or made by a renowned construction company, close to a market or a shopping district, sunlit, if we are alone 1+0 or 1+1 would be enough, if newly married 2+1, (but for later we aim for 3+1), if we have kids at least 3+1, and if it is in a gated community what else do we need! If the housing estate has gym in it, has outdoor swimming pool or indoor pool, and if possible having both is a reason for preference. The dream house evolves into the ideal home within stereotypes. First we ignore ourselves and later we ignore our dream home.
Later, we face with a system that “neglects”. They suggest us how to live our lives, not only suggest they impose upon us the “correct” way. What they sell becomes an object of “neglection”. Once we buy the house and start living in it everything changes. In our purchased houses, our lives shrink into [?]+1 lands. And we are forced to live with the problems of this “neglected” design, we are seeking for solutions;
Is the living room big enough? Can we remove this wall?
There is no wardrobe in plans, so where should I place it?
The kitchen is pretty small, it will smell but shall we join kitchen to the living room?
At this point, what’s been neglected becomes inevitably visible!
What did they offer? What haven’t I seen? Now, what do I realize? What should I do?
I want a home, not a land but how? The workshop suggests a discussion based on these questions regarding interior architectural designs of today’s popular residential projects. It seeks a way out by examining the neglected interiors and the lives offered to us.