Virtual Interior Istanbul

Annett Zinsmeister (Germany)

Galata Greek Primary School

“The processing of sensual impressions constitutes a unique experience of space that is supported, expanded, and also manipulated by design and cultural techniques… Medial space productions stand for technical constructions of perceptibility where boundaries between reality and simulation, readability and interpretation, and the affects and effects of technical images become unclear… New technologies show how urban space can be virtual space, and how virtual spatial elements transform real spaces… As they trigger a strong impact on our way of seeing and understanding space, my installations serve as machines of perception, turning exteriors virtually inward: an environment of limitless design that reveals unexpected contexts, intersections, and parallels in the perception, depiction, and experience of space.” –AZ


Virtual Interior Istanbul is a photographic installation by Berlin-based artist Annett Zinsmeister, who investigates the habitation of the human from the beginning of human culture to mass housing. Her enveloping “visual constructions” are a reflection on today’s virtual spaces, such as workspaces or social networks. Zinsmeister argues that such virtual spaces alter our perception of space, change our relation to the real, and produce parallel words in which social life is determined and controlled.